An Endoscopic Device For Weight Loss, the AspireAssist works by reducing the calories absorbed by the body, while helping you make gradual, healthy changes to your lifestyle. After eating, food travels to the stomach immediately, where it is temporarily stored and the digestion process begins. Over the first hour after a meal, the stomach begins breaking down the food, and then passes the food on to the intestines, where calories are absorbed. The AspireAssist allows patients to remove about 30% of the food from the stomach before the calories are absorbed into the body, causing weight loss. You’ll also need to chew carefully and eat mindfully, which helps give time for the fullness signals from your stomach to reach your brain.



    MWith shadow-free illumination, the BridgeMaster™ Amnioscope range from Cruinn offers reduced risk and improves outcomes for mother and baby. CE marked, the innovative design provides light as soon as the obturator is removed from the scope, delivering shadow-free illumination. Designed for single patient use, each scope can be used for multiple samples meeting current NICE recommendations. Omniscope is the second member of the BridgeMaster™ Amnioscope family and is designed for use in smaller framed women, for taking samples earlier in the delivery process or for investigation in to other areas during Caesarean Section.



    Veldana Medical SA is a Swiss company based in Morges, on the shore of the Lake Geneva.

    Veldana Medical SA (earlier Wallsten Medical SA) was founded in the 90’s to develop, produce and commercialise a minimally invasive method for the treatment of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) - more specifically Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding - invented by the Swedish Engineer Hans Wallstén. This medical device was named Cavaterm™.

    The benefits of the Cavaterm™ system as a safe and easy-to-use method to treat DUB soon convinced physicians all over Europe, then overseas. Their feedback allowed further product developments for an ongoing product evolution based on users' needs and wishes.

    Today Cavaterm™ is recognised as a method of choice for the treatment of DUB by healthcare professionals offering minimally invasive therapies and using the most sofisticated technologies.

  • EMcision


    EMcision was founded by internationally renowned surgeon and inventor of medical devices, Professor Nagy Habib, to develop proprietary medical devices based on proven RF technology for the surgical community. Devices for endoscopists and interventional radiologists soon followed. In 2002, EMcision developed the Habib™ 4X for the treatment of liver cancer, which has the reputation of being the #1 hepatic resection device in the U.S.

    The company combines scientific, commercial and management skills, brought together in a working partnership to develop and commercialize medical devices that are clinically relevant, cost-effective and enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. EMcision's R&D, engineering and commercialization operations are based in Montreal, and clinical activities are based at the Imperial College London (U.K.) and Hammersmith Hospital



    The founder and Liaison Medical management team have been in the industry for over 25 years and were part of solid companies’ executive teams. Their experience and knowledge gave them the opportunity to meet skilled partners that have been providing complete maintenance solutions for all major brands of equipment since 1990.

    Liaison Medical’s willingness is to partner with you addressing your healthcare system growth, quality, and operational excellence. Our EQUIPMENT FOLLOWER MAINTENANCE (EFM) program will help you meet your business objectives.

    Our priority is providing quality workmanship, superior parts, rapid turn-around time and reducing the number of events so our customers can focus on what’s more important…the patient.



    LEXION Medical is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced technologies for gas conditioning in minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our goal is to provide innovative technologies that help patients return to their normal, productive lives faster. Appropriately conditioning the gas before it enters the body and when it leaves the patient can dramatically help patients, surgeons, and make operating rooms more efficient with improved clinical outcomes.



    LiDCO is a supplier of minimally invasive hemodynamic equipment to hospitals, to monitor the amount of blood flowing around the body and ensure that vital organs are adequately perfused and oxygenated. LiDCO's suite of complementary monitoring products facilitate the application of hemodynamic optimization protocols for high risk patients in general wards, operating theatres and critical care units. The technology stems from a development team with a multi-disciplinary approach aiming to transform complex physiological data into useable and effective information. LiDCO's strategy has been to apply a combination of physiological expertise, software, sensor and hardware technology to monitor and display the relationship between physiological variables.



    We know that our products can bring massive benefits to patients and their recovery – the speed, safety and simplicity of Lotus can help reduce blood loss, operating time, surgeon fatigue and post-operative complications.

    Through paying close attention to the needs of our surgeons and clinical support staff, we are able to design products that work for them functionally, ergonomically and financially. We strive to keep improving and innovating to ensure that Lotus remains the most efficient ultrasonic scalpel in the world, faster, safer and easier to use.



    Medi-Globe Corporation is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of instruments, catheters, devices, implants and equipment for flexible endoscopy, urology and cardiology. In addition, Medi-Globe, is a distributor of a wide range of hospital supplies to an expanding range of customers. Its main markets are in Germany and France, with developing business in Europe, China, Brazil and the USA.



    Nascent Surgical, LLC is the surviving entity resulting from a merger of Innovative Surgical Technologies, Inc. which contained intellectual property and Nascent Surgical, LLC which served as a focus for investment. The merger was completed on September 9, 2010. The purpose of the Company is to develop single use, disposable devices that improve the surgical environment, initially by eliminating surgical smoke that is produced in the operating room. Our offices are located at 6595 Edenvale Blvd, Suite # 140 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Zip code, 55346.



    Steelco was founded in 1995 with the specific aim of becoming a world leading company in Infection Control. Since its foundation, Steelco has been at the forefront of innovation and technological progress in the Washer Disinfector area and Drying Cabinet. In the last few years Steelco has worked to become a major force for cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical sectors.

    Steelco provides a full technical support service for its machines including system planning for CSSD and customized layout configurations for project installations.



    Endo-Technik is a Germany-based Gastroenterology firm. They mmanufacture, sell and distribute endoscopy related equipment, in addition to instruments and supplies. Endo-Technik is a well-established firm in the flexible endoscopy field – operating since 1976. Given the resulting brand-name recognition, all Endo-Technik products are sold under its own brand.

    The product line offering of Endo-Technik ranges from capital equipment items such as endoscope washers, drying cabinets and carts to endoscopy instruments; devices and endoscopy related supplies.

    Endo-Technik has also managed to establish an international distribution network in other EU and international markets. The current strategy is to expand into markets such as the Middle East, South America and Asia – promoting its position as “the One Stop Endo-Shop”.



    Irrisept is the only patented antimicrobial irrigation system with mechanical action approved by Health Canada that effectively loosens and removes particulate, and debris. Irrisept contains low concentration chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG*) 0.05% in sterile water for irrigation, for surgical irrigation and debridement. Based on clinical evidence, Irrisept helps in reducing surgical site infection.

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