Educational programs

Liaison Medical can provide our customers with education and/or in-service programs capable of raising staff awareness regarding some of the uses, dangers and precautions associated with various technologies. We are committed in helping our customers receive the highest education and training available to them.

Liaison Medical offers the following education and training resources to our customers:

  • In-Services
  • Product hands-on simulation
  • Service & Maintenance training for equipment
  • Equipment audit report
  • Our highly qualified Clinical Support Specialists have over 25 years' experience in health care management to ensure operating efficiently within your facility.
  • Comprehensive training for all your staff members to ensure familiarity and knowledge in operating your equipment.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate facility timelines and staff availability
  • Customized training to address the specific needs of your facility
  • Surgeon’s preceptorship

Financial programs

Liaison Medial can offer you technical and financial solutions in order to help you get the highest quality of care to your patients..

Our dedication to our customers allows us to offer flexible solutions that meet today's healthcare financial realities in order to provide them with access to new technologies.