Executive Summary

Liaison Medical is a Canadian medical distributor specializing in the delivery of innovative medical technologies to hospitals. Based upon our extensive experience, we are the liaison between Manufacturers and hospitals for the Operation Room and Endoscopy departments.

Liaison Medical is based in Montreal, Canada and our mission is to provide exclusive products to our customers and growth to our suppliers. Liaison Medical is uniquely positioned to deliver expert strategies through proven processes and methodologies.

Our experienced Sales and Support staff stand behind every product with an extensive collection of educations, technical and financial solutions in order to help provide our customers with the highest quality of care.

Company History

Liaison Medical was established in 2012 as a sole proprietorship. The founder has over 30 years of experience in the medical/surgical industry and during this time has developed a reputation of excellence and quality work. Liaison Medical has always regarded the customers as first priority and continues to implement improvements toward that respect.

The founder began his healthcare career in 1990 working at Auto Suture (U.S. Surgical), through mergers & acquisitions, Auto Suture became Tyco Healthcare Canada and then Covidien, where he moved up the ranks to become Vice President Sales and Marketing. He has also held the position of Vice President and General Manager for ConMed Canada. His vast experience in endoscopy, operating room and central processing department is certainly a valuable asset at Liaison Medical.

Acquisition strategy

Liaison Medical’s cash flow shows adequate provisions for ongoing expenses to meet the needs of the company as the business expands operations.

Liaison Medical’s approach in acquiring new businesses will consider many factors like financial impact, brand image, cultural compatibility, product synergy and other business requirements. It is a part of our company’s growth strategy and plays a significant role in the inorganic expansion of the business. Successful acquisitions are based on well-defined goals and strategic value creation logic. Liaison Medical segments acquisitions into three categories: endoscopy, O.R. and new market entry. The target companies might bring different types of assets to us, including great talent and technology, mature products and solutions, or new go-to-market and business models. Liaison Medical particularly seeks acquisitions with the potential to reach million dollar markets.

Integration is essential to successful acquisitions. Our overall business development effort includes engaging from the early diligence phase through to mainstream business, by investing in dedicated integration resources across the company at the corporate and functional levels. We have a long history of integration, achieving best practices through continuous learning and deep experience with a process that challenges all companies who repeatedly make acquisitions.

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